12.5 Micron Shrink Film

Rolls of 12.5 Micron Polyolefin Shrink Film

Rolls of 12.5 Micron Polyolefin Shrink Film SD offer high quality, strength and versatile shrink wrapping for both manual and fully automatic shrink wrapping equipment.

Polyolefin shrink films are invariably offered as multi-layer complexes. These layers comprise polyethylene and polypropylene in various forms. At the premium end of the shrink film market, irradiation is used and gives the material particularly strong seal and puncture and tear resistance characteristics.

You can buy rolls of 12.5 Microns Polyolefin Shrink Film SD online from Shrinkstore.co.uk.

Discounts for Rolls of 12.5 Micron Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film

Rolls of 12.5 Micron Polyolefin shrink wrap film are priced and discounted in accordance with the quantity of shrink film purchased online. Whenever you order shrink film online, you will automatically be charged the lowest applicable price in relation to the size of your order.

Rolls of 12.5 Micron Shrink Film

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ThicknessCenterfold WidthLengthPriceQuantity
12.5200 mm3200 metres£75.48£72.20£68.91
12.5250 mm3200 metres£94.35£90.25£86.14
12.5300 mm3200 metres£113.20£108.28£103.35
12.5350 mm1500 metres£66.05£63.18£60.30
12.5400 mm1600 metres£75.48£72.20£68.91
12.5450 mm1600 metres£84.92£81.23£77.53
12.5550 mm1500 metres£97.30£93.07£88.83
12.5600 mm1600 metres£113.22£108.29£103.37
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