PVC Shrink Wrap Film


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Rolls of Clear PVC Shrink Film - Type EI

Our clear PVC shrink wrap films have a superb gloss and transparency coupled with tremendous strength.

Our PVC shrink films can be used in lower gauges than conventional PVC shrink films to the same or better effect and so provide even greater yield and cost advantages.

The Shrinkstore.co.uk offers rolls of clear, transparent PVC shrink wrap film formulations that will provide for different shrink ratios, enhanced sparkle and clarity, degrees of rigidity and cost competitiveness.

You can buy rolls of PVC Shrink Film in various microns/ thicknesses from Shrinkstore.co.uk.

Rolls of PVC Shrink Wrap Film are available in 15 Microns, 17 Microns, 21 Microns, 22 Microns and 35 Microns.

Discounts for Rolls of PVC Shrink Wrap Film

Rolls of PVC shrink wrap film are priced and discounted in accordance with the quantity of shrink film purchased online.

Whenever you order shrink film online, you will automatically be charged the lowest applicable price in relation to the size of your order.
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ThicknessCenterfold WidthLengthPriceQuantity
15300 mm1950 metres£103.56£99.06£94.55
15350 mm1950 metres£120.86£115.60£110.35
15400 mm1950 metres£138.12£132.11£126.10
15450 mm1950 metres£155.36£148.60£141.84
17250 mm2200 metres£110.45£105.65£100.84
17450 mm1650 metres£149.12£142.63£136.15
21350 mm1350 metres£117.16£112.06£106.97
21450 mm1350 metres£150.63£144.08£137.53
21550 mm900 metres£122.76£117.42£112.08
21650 mm900 metres£145.06£138.75£132.44
35400 mm810 metres£133.90£128.08£122.25
351120 mm300 metres£99.36£95.04£90.72
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