Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink Wrap Machines

We acknowledge that buying shrink wrap machines online, without first having seen or tested it, is likely to be problematic.

As a consequence, we have restricted our online offer to the Bubble seal-and-shrink unit.

This machine is particularly easy to use and is designed for both continuous and intermittent production.

All shrink wrapping involves the creation of a two dimensional bag around a three dimensional object.

The specifications given further down relate to the maximum plan sealing dimensions that each shrink wrap machine offers.

It is necessary to ensure that any pack will fit into this maximum bag size.

The Bubble KE-5000 Specification and Price

To account for any pack height, one needs to reduce the maximum bag size - in each direction - by half the pack height.

For example, the KE-5000 - our most popular machine by far - has maximum plan sealing dimensions of 550 x 420 mm.

It will produce a bag up to this size.

If a user wishes to shrink wrap a pack with a height of 100 mm, then the other two dimensions must be restricted to 500 x 370 mm.

Should you wish, we would be delighted for you to Contact Us in respect of any queries you may have.

We will be happy to receive your packs and wrap them and return them to you for your inspection.

We quote for the KE 5000 only online since the other machines do require more specialist knowledge to ensure that they have been correctly selected.

If you feel that you have a requirement for either the KE-4000 or the KE-8000, please contact us for more information and advice.

Should you have a requirement for either semi or fully automatic equipment, once more, we would ask you to Contact Us so that we can handle your enquiry specifically.

Shrink Wrap Machines

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